21 April 2007


Yesterday, I spent delightful half an hour sipping tea and making markers for my knitting trinket box. It was so much fun. I sneakily encouraged Oli to play with his train trucks and choo-choos, which almost every time guarantees about half an hour distraction-free time :)
Oh, the beads I found in my bead boxes!

Venetian glass.

Sterling silver & Russian blue hand-cut glass trade beads on silver wires. These glass beads are old and sooo beautiful! I simply adore them!

Silver stardust & white jade on gold plated wires.

Finally, stipey trade beads & silver beads on silver wires.

At the end of the session Oliver got bored of his rail building job and came to plunder my bead boxes, at which moment I had to flee...

1 comment:

Riggwelter said...

LOL I have a plundering Ollie too!

Lovely beads.