27 April 2007

Pattern Testing, Cake Eating & Oggle

Today I have tested some lovely lace patterns for a summer scarf I'm currently pulling out of the realm of ideas and into the physical world.

Here is Peruvian lace in cashmere & silk blend by Jade Sapphire in a colorway called "Oceana".

Most of the knitting got done at the Spence Bakery café whilst sipping coffee and munching on a lemon and polenta cake (the rest of family playing Frisbee in the park and befriending people).

This is Grecian Plait (actually, I haven't noticed the internationally focused names of the patterns 'till now - odd!) Again, Jade Sapphire cashmere & silk blend, this time in a colorway called "Lagoon". I love this colorway - the hues are deep and lovely. The picture really doesn't do this yarn justice.

On my way home I saw this weathered iron fence and thought it looked charming.

If it takes your fancy, you can come and see me at Oggle Art Craft & Design Fair at Stoke Newington on the 13th of May.

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