31 December 2006

Second attempts

This was fun (once I got off it about designers with heretic propensities - having remembered that I count myself in their midst)! I changed the colourway a bit and I do like subtle difference between the two greens I used here. 100% seamless and neat. And with the technicalities honed I am more than happy with these cute mitts.

L loves them too!

I used hand-painted wool from Serendipity in South America, an eBay store I discovered eons ago. Highly recommended for a bit of adventure in wool shopping. And they have plenty of wool just perfect for felting projects (how important this distinction is one can fully appreciate only having overheard a conversation between two "felters" at the wool shop recently).


I started writing this post earlier this afternoon and the computer crashed on me before I published it. I decided that, my neglect of Stitchville being too great this festive month, I had to make an effort and publish a post today. I started the machine up and... it just restored everything for me! This means I can go off now and make myself a cup of coffee and then check out what's happening in Kendra's world instead of reconstructing what I have written before! Oh, joy! AND I shall have some time to cast on a small project for tonight's New Year's Eve Pyjamas Party we're going to!

Happy New Year.


Alice said...

The mittens are really cute - and interesting to behold! I like the circle pattern around the thumbs. How unusual.

I'm sure they are going to be very well-loved.

Happy 2007!

(by the way, I came here from Kendra's)

Kendra said...

The mittens look lovely and the photi is great. You always take such good, well-styled photos!

A New Year's Eve Pyjama Party is such a great idea.

nat said...

Nice mitts! Happy New Year!