05 December 2006


Last time I wrote a post ELDS was looming big, and in just under one week's time it came, went, and left me shattered. It is absolutely unheard of, but - yes - I did have a nap yesterday when Oliver was asleep. The status quo on naps is that I am apparently uncapable of having them. I am too much of a busy body. What with all there is to do? With emotions running high, all apprehension and excitement I came out of it really low key and dazed.

Now, report.

It took me nearly all day on Thursday to put this together. The huge linen gown was the trickiest bit, and - frankly - I only had a very faint idea of where to start with suspending it. I ended up going with the flow, and it worked OK. When I finished, it floted in the air looking ghostly and insubstantial. I thought it might be the attention catcher, but have underestimated the amount of gasps it inspired :)

I think the best move was to take my favourite chair with me - imagine 4 days away from home, thrown amongst the crowds of curious and inquisitive visitors. One needs grounding, and what better grounding than a few moments of knitting here and there whilst perched on one's favourite chair?!

I met some lovely fellow exhibitors: Jelly, who makes beautiful foil pressed cards (look out for her cards in trendy places like Harvey Nics and After Noah). Then there was KJ, the Liquorice lady - who makes gorgeous broches and scarves and pillow cases. You can see their display reflected in the mirror, but I promise pictures soon. Nuria Gambau of Nuria London and here is her genius bag - a true piece of art, in my humble opinion. Michele of Michele Oberdieck. Michele makes amazing silk and wool wrap around coats. One of those is on my "to get" list. Juliette and Tom, who run Milagros, a store in Columbia Road filled with treasures from Mexico. This brings me onto one of my favourite pictures of the weekend...

Esme of Milagros at the preview night.

Nick, Louis, Clara and Oliver (as well as many friends - Lucyann, Elke, Nicky, Miriam, Hilary & Co, Jo, Susie and Eddie - XXX 2 U - it was lovely 2 C U!) visited and I was delighted to see them all. L, C & O had fantastic time in the creche, which was brimming with children having fun with creative activities. Clara had her face painted and was thus transformed into "Princess Number 12" - don't ask me to explain this one!

There was a lot of memorable stuff, amongst the highlights was meeting Kendra of I Dream of the Sea. (Did you see her Gerda Stole yet?) It was great to chat to her and Monkey and be able to put faces to their mysterious incognitos. (Kendra, it was great to meet you. Maybe will see you again at one of those I Knit pub knitting sessions?)

I will be back. Off now to do some work for the pitch for a craft book on gloves for A/W 2007. Make sure the bugs don't bite.

PS: The fingerless cashmere gloves were second most attention-catching piece. See? It was worth it!

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