28 December 2006

Flat mittens? I do not think so!

Yeserday I tested the pattern for "target" mittens, which I found in Fall '06 issue of Interweave Knits, as L needs new mittens. You can imagine my surprise when on first reading of the pattern I realised that I will need to work them flat! I decided to suspend my judgement and put my prejudices aside for a while, and made a start. I followed the instructions to the letter and promptly produced one mitten.

I examined it closely and turned it inside out...

... and, I confess, I cannot bring myself to go through with this. Everything in me goes "Hold on a minute! This is not right. (Let's call the designer, who came up with this lovely idea and horrendous pattern "X", shall we?) What did X think when he/she was designing these mittens? Hasn't he/she heard about the wonder of DPN's? This is nuts! It's like making socks with seams! I do not think so!"

So in this mad world knitwear designers think up mittens with seams, publishers publish their blinking flat patterns and I am supposed to re-work them before I can actually make the mittens! Here goes my idea of low-key holiday knitting - with a BANG!

PS: I have since had another order for a pair of mittens, this time from C. On her return from a trip to the Natural History Museum yesterday she said "Mummy, I forgot to take my mitten out of the bus".

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