07 December 2006

A Husband Who Understands

There are many theories out there about the secret of a happy marriage, some of which are more convincing than others. As far as I can tell from my own experience friendship and sense of humour definitely worked a treat in my relationship with N. We have recently "celebrated" (I use inverted commas here as it was the lowest possible key of celebrating. The fact that we remembered the anniversary was an event in itself! It's not that we don't care, but we have three small children, you see - and that is a serious challenge for one's memory. Where was I?)... our 6th anniversary, and N bought me a present. His choice shows how well he got to know me.

No, it wasn't a ring.

No, it wasn't a necklace.

Yes, it was a piece of knitwear.

Of course, anyone who meets me can figure out pretty much after about 5 minutes of acquaintance that I like knitwear - I am also very picky and extremely rarely see knits in the shops that I would wear (a bow to John Smedley, which is a rare exception, but they make such fine gauge knits that it doesn't really count as competition for a hand-knitter. BTW, did you see their seamless stuff - amazingly fine, and I am not talking "gauge" here). Still, he hit the spot with nano-accuracy. I was presented with the softest drapey wrap around cardi from Humanoid in a very beautiful hue of brown.

I will not let this man go. In fact I should appoint him as my personal style consultant. This is how good he is at spotting clothes AND shoes that I love wearing!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present a distinctive contemporary garment.


nat said...

It is really cool - I love clothes like that.

Kendra said...

Wow what a great husband! It's really lovely.

emmms said...

The question is where?! That is gorgeous! And distinctive is very much the word for it.

Lucy you!

dianne said...

wow, great anniversary gift. looks fabulous!!

Gosia said...

The answer is Diverse on Upper St. emmms - what a great incognito!