30 August 2006

Iron Age Sheep

Back from a lovely Somerset where we spent a busy week roaming around the place and having a flipping marvelous time with children. Very exhausted after two weeks of heavy duty works on the kitchen I was abducted by my significant other and three sweet peas otherwise known as Louis, Clara and Oliver and taken to a gorgeous palatial cottage in a tiny hamlet. I span loads of balls of summer tweed (Louis was very keen to help) and saw Iron Age sheep grazing on the rocks of Cheddar Gorge and in few other places. There you go - I snapped a quick picture for you, my knitting comrades. This one was actually taken in the field neighbouring onto Long Barrow (Iron Age mound). Cute, arent they: fluffy, round and brown.

Off to bed to gather some strenght for the continuation of Epic Works on the Kitchen.


Kendra said...

It sounds like you had a lovely time. The picture looks so bright and green, it has been such a grey, dull day in London - it is nice to see a reminder that summer was here.

Sharon said...

That is definately how I imagine rural England to be, it all sounds so relaxing.