12 August 2006

The Art of Knitting in Exile

And this is precisely why I haven't been around lately. Knitting has been put on a back burner and it is very far back indeed. I have been managing a building site, which once upon a time was my kitchen, whilst (quite literally) single-handedly looking after my three full of energy children - whilst decorating, researching materials and buying cookers, designing cupboards, having chats with neighbours whilst waiting for the kettle to boil (our cooker is out of bounds at the mo) and sleeping like a log.

I am looking longingly at Clara's cursed cardi and I so wish I could just sit down for a bit and knit (this is saying something that I am looking at that damned cardi longingly).

The proverbial carrot that keeps me going is this picture I have in my head of spending long afternoons in the afore mentioned kitchen designing knits and knitting and making chocolate truffles, and sometimes roasting a beast in the oven for a family dinner (this bit seams particularly appealing after surviving a week on take-aways). In short - my idea of heaven on earth.

Actually, when I think about it there are lovely yarns arriving in the post and I ordered a/yet another stack of knitting books for my reference library - a little bits of sustenance for a starved knitter.

I wanted to post a picture of the cardi, but I have no faintest idea where the camera has gone, so an archival picture will have to do. Don't you just love this pattern?

Linen. 2003.

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blog-blethers said...

What beautiful lacework - it looks so intricate! Hopefully your kitchen is now sorted and yoy have a little more time to be 'reacquanited' with your yarn!