28 September 2006

Knit a River

This little knitting shrine of mine was abandoned for embaracingly long period of time. Mea culpa. I was busy as a bee managing engeneers, decorating and using any spare moment available to get some rest. Got no knitting done in about 8 weeks now! But I dare say that it was worth it. Our kitchen got transformed from an ugly duckling to a swan, even if this swan has more cosy qualities than grace. I am a kitchen dwelling creature, so having to put up with one that is not very well designed and a bit out of date and not to compatible with my style and taste was a bit painful. But it is all history now!

Just stopped my part-time job so that I can concentrate on designing and making things, and I spend an awfull lot of time in the kitchen these days. And really enjoying it! After such a long break I am feeling somewhat apprehensive about picking up the needles. I am a bit out of touch with my projects... The cardi for Clara is still on the needles - I think about a day's work away from the finish. And quite few new ideas have sprouted during the summer.

Anyway, today I wanted to let you know about a project, which is meant to prompt people to think about the importance of clean water. You can find out more about it at the I Knit website. I think this might be a perfect way to start knitting again. And for a good cause too.

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