13 August 2008

Laying Around...

... are these beauties.

All courtesy of The Good Yarn Stall. I'm dreaming up ideas for these to be made up into things/patterns. It's very lovely, having these beauties hanging around.

However, these gorgeous children...

... are keeping me rather busy, so not much happens in a way of knitting at the moment. It's a well known syndrome called 'summer holiday'.

To tell the truth though I have been kept more busy by my seasonal renovation project than by my children who are roaming around in a little gang, most of the time not wanting anything to do with me and my 'boring' activities. Except for when they get hungry :)

And here is one of the tops from the little collection I am putting together to support The Mirasol Project.

Sans Cuture, bien sur.


Sarah said...

Glad you're surviving the 'summer holiday' syndrome so well :o)

ikhd said...

is this girl Clare?
she is so pretty!