10 October 2007

Covetable Socks

I only have a minute to let you all know how fabulous the last sock-making workshop was. Can I just say that I am impressed by the work produced by all the sock-making virgins. You can take my word for it - people arrived looking slightly apprehensive, unpacked their countless double pointed needles and, having had a cup of tea, braced themselves for whatever might come their way.

And lots did come their way. These weekend intensives are not called that for nothing!

I've managed to snap a few shots, so that I can show the world how the creative juices flew and what came into being.

These socks feature Partridge heel and a star toe:

The blue sock's twin is still on the needles. Lovely example of Dutch heel and toe:

The red socks are already famous. Click here to visit Miho's socks in a virtual gallery.

Long live the socks!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Lovely! I've been dreaming of an eye of patridge heel for a while - maybe for my next pair :o)