11 October 2007

Considerate Director?

I am so proud of myself! I have managed to get children into a very neat bedtime routine, which means that they are dispatched off to bed at 7pm these days! I love this time of year - it doesn't take much convincing that it's VERY late when it's all dark outside. Hence, my peaceful evenings have expanded, and I'm getting back on track with the world of blogging knitters (I've got my priorities right, non?). In a successful attempt to avoid sorting out the paperwork for the accountant, I was surfing the net yesterday evening and found Penguin Horde, which diverted me to Personal DNA site.

I went off and did the test and was defined as a

I must say I tend to take this stuff with a generous pinch of salt, but this time I was impressed by the accuracy. Nick read the results laughing and repeating "This is so true!" Good entertainment/distraction, if that's what's required.

Top three highest scores were in the area of "Trust in others" (which I tend to express as "Trusting Life"), "Aesthetic" and "Attention to style". Lowest score of all was in the area of "Masculinity".
I must say it does explain how I ended up doing what I do.

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