21 March 2007

The Magic Of Knitting

I don't know what it is about this sweater but whenever I get to work on it, it feels like I'm out of the woods with tricky bits of life and on quiet waters of day-to-day existence, with looming absence of deadlines and colossal undertakings. Strange, because this sweater is a bit of daunting piece of work in itself.

It cheers me up. It takes me some place else - like a good book! It's almost like it makes me be really present to just how lovely my life is (very much present, especially when I work the stages where shaping and pattern are both involved :)

The riotous colours are so stimulating to look at and the feel of yarn is pure sensuality. Oh, I so love this alpaca!

There is something about the aesthetic of this kind of fabric, which feels so perfectly unspoilt and innocent. It's like a tribute to the magic of childhood...

I've been hooked on this sweater for two days in a row, and have managed to progress the work quite a bit.

Today I shaped the neck and grafted the shoulder seams. It went really fast - I love how quickly children's garments knit up!

Now I'm waiting for 'Nick post' to arrive. He's picking up some extra supplies for me from Loop. I realised I've run out of grey and I need it to be able to finish off the rib on the neck.

Oh, also wanted to highly recommend this book, as the source of inspiration for this project, which I am enjoying so much. It's brilliant! A little obvious, hmm.

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Riggwelter said...

That looks beautiful, I love Fasset's patterns.