27 March 2007

BANG on the spot. Again.

I looked at the inside of the sweater real hard for about 5 minutes weighing whether I can get away with the tails or not. The perfectionist streak prevailed again, so I started weaveing in without further ado...

I can't remember an instance when this perfectionist streak of mine wasn't BANG on the spot. See this?

On the outside it looks like this:

Here are new colours for the sweater. I'll use those on sleeves. This is going to be a riotous one!

The neck is finished (and tested).

The tediousness of weaving in was successfully counterbalanced by a cup of lavender tea :)

Sleeves next.

I am slightly distracted by starting a new sock though. Socks have become a permanent feature of my lifestyle. I even might have subscribed to this Rockin' Sock Club thingy if it wasn't closed. I calculate that, if I knit socks at a current rate, I'll knit through all my sock yarn before end of June (knitting deadline for end of May prevents more spectacular result). Any tips for getting awesome sock yarn to boost my supplies?


ra said...

humm, depends on the kind of thing you're after. Astrid's dutch obsession has some kinda nice sock yarn, but looking at your jumper I suspect that you may be after something a tad brighter. get knitted do some lovely stuff but it may be a bit pricey, web of wool in Leamington Spa have a nice range too.
Good luck.

Kendra said...

The jumper looks great and very neat and tidy now the ends are woven in.

I recommend http://www.poshyarn.co.uk/ for good sock yarn

Riggwelter said...

OH that sweater looks gorgeous, can't wait to see it in all it's glory.