14 February 2007

£££ Yarn money - how to boost your budget £££

Do you know the pain of having to restrict yarn spending? Read on.

I don't think this is common knowledge - YET - but the whooping charges banks charge us for occasional... let's call them "instances of financial misbehaviours" (read "bounced cheques/direct debits, going overdrawn without prior agreement, late payments"). Well, they are not allowed to do this as it is considered unlawful. Strictly speaking they can only get us to cover the actual administrative costs, which are next to nothing. However, general unawareness made it possible for banks and credit card companies to make it a common practice. As a result we are all being taken for a ride - a rather costly ride, as the charges used to vary from £25 to £40 a pop. Well, you can claim it all (6 years back precisely) back, if you know how. Just follow this link. BTW, Motley Fool website is worth a read, if you care to educate yourself a bit about the traps awaiting us all in the financial jungle out there.

And if you're wise enough you might even choose to put this money to a better use than blowing it all on yarn, no matter how nice that would feel. (The Mother in me speaking - I have to keep up the appearances :)

With love,

Foolish Gosia.

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