10 November 2006

Sculpting the fibre

I have been consumed totally by the preparations for the East London Design Show and thus neglecting Stitchville, house chores and my nails. Actually, a vibrant social life resurected by joint effort of myself and Nick proved to be a distraction also. A rather delightful one. With a smile I glanced this morning at our recycling box overflowing with empty wine bottles. It's so good to have friends around!

The trouble with being a designer/maker is such that it is unavoidable having to spend some of the time doing boring admin and other business-like things, which all have a major fault and it is that you can't use needles and yarn to do them.

Yesterday, when I looked at this week's work and realised how much of the boring stuff I got done I thought I deserved a treat time and made a start on a scarf (which is fun part of preparations for ELDS). I so love knitting! I'm afraid I will have to go now and make most of this quiet time to indulge in some more of it...

Oh, BTW, my profile is up on the ELDS site now, if you're curious to find out more. If you would like an invite just e-mail me at malgosia@blueyonder.co.uk with your postal details and I'll send you one.

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Kendra said...

Thanks for letting me know about the ELDS, it sounds great. Monkey and I would love to come! I can't wait to see more of your work. The photos you have had on your blog are amazing.