18 November 2006

On instant gratification pieces

Time is a precious commodity what with all the preparations for the show and raising 3 kids. This is a good and a bad thing. Good because I have a perfectly sound excuse not to do a number of things that - frankly - I cannot get excited about (i.e. clean the fridge). It is also very bad, as my knitting time is at a real low and that really distresses me. Don't misunderstand me. I DO KNIT, but the nature of current projects is not as ambitious as I would wish them to be.

Hence I have a huge pile of various yarns, as I cannot keep up with my voratious appetite for fibre. I store my yarns (I am not sure if I should disclose such intimate details of my existence) ...let's say I store them in a secret place in my house. In fact, I have been storing some of them for years. For some time now I have been promising myself to re-visit the depths of the aforementioned hiding place to refresh my memory and to make a list of yarns for future reference.

Yesterday I bit the bullet and went throught all the storage boxes brimming up with exquisite yarns. Oh, some of those gorgeous yarns at the bottom of the bottom-most boxes I didn't even remember I had! As I rumaged through the boxes I recalled what projects I had in mind when buying them and allowed myself a few moments of pure fantasy thinking about the most beautiful sweaters and cardis I have no time to knit at the mo. Pure torture. Especially when it came to putting all the 'sorted' boxes away.

These days I channel my creative energy into knitted pendants. Just like the ones pictured below.

Again, I wish to be very clear: I am not saying that they are unworthy projects. I am merely pointing out that in comparison with a Kaffe Fassett's cardi that I am planning to make at some point in the future (you know, to hone the colourwork skills I posses) they come up fairly faint. Oh yeah, did I mention that I would OBVIOUSLY turn the Kaffe Fassett cardi seamless just to add more excitement to the game.

PS: Actually, I have to say some of the distractions that take my attention away from knitting are just fabulous. This weekend was just perfect (I did squeeze a few rows of knitting into it and a trip to my favourite local yarn shop). The most memorable thing was a bike ride with Nick and a lovely stop for a coffee and a snack at one of those cute cafs overlooking the green. Needless to say, we talked mostly of knitting related ideas. He loves me a lot, I think - to have so much patience for his obsessed wife!

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Sarah said...

I am so jealous of you living near a yarn shop like that, Oxford seems to be sadly lacking in such treasures. I may just make the trip to London to visit Loop.