28 November 2006

I have targets, schedule, two lists of things to do and three kids driving me to distraction.

The big news is that the evening gloves are ready - drying in the study this very moment - waiting to be photographed tomorrow.

Finished BEFORE estimated completion time. Yes. And on this account I went to bed in the wee hours of new days about three times. I cannot remembetr being so silly in a long, long time!

I so loved making these gloves. The yarn is just amazing to work with. I listened to king Arthur stories through the easy bits and changed design slightly as I went along. They look rather sleek and small changes I made give them more aerodynamic and modern feel.

Bear with me Sarah - I will have the pics up on the site tomorrow :)

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Sarah said...

Wow so quick, but I can imagine that once you'd started you just wouldn't want to put them down. I'll be back later for the premiere!