28 June 2006

Yoruba Birds get me in deep trouble.

I must love my daughter very much indeed! I have spent countless hours last month dealing with a tension problem on her cotton cardi. The Yoruba birds caused the trouble, and to be specific - their colourful plumage. I worked the colourwork counting & re-counting the stitches tirelessly and weaving the long lenghts through the loops at the back to avoid a real spaghetti on the inside of the work only to discover that I have ended up with... voluminous pleats all around. The size of the poor thing has shrunk to a tiny dimension. So I thought: I'll either have to frog it and knit the blinking birds all over again (mercy!) or I'll have to think outside of the box and find a less heart breaking solution. Now, have a look for yourself, as I am at a loss for words to carry on with this story. Perhaps it didn't break my heart, but - let me tell you - was a serious assault on my fingers!

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