11 June 2007

Sheep Lane, E8

On my way to last session of YCK I saw this:

The session was arranged to take place in London Fields, to honour the World Wide Knitting in Public Day on 9th of June. I must say, it was an extraordinarily productive last session (Iwona's shrug is nearly finished!!!) It was such a pleasure to knit outdoors. We were chatted up by people, asking us about knitting or telling us stories (about great aunt knitting Shetland sweater on 8 DPNs).

Afterwards we went to Fabrications...

...where I bought this:

Lovely recycled DK wool by Annie Sherburne. I just love her stuff!

Isn't this horse magical!?

After that I was picked up by Nick & children and we went off to...

Kenwood House!

Heath is such a wonderful place!
L&C had a photography lesson from N and these are pics of the trees by them. The last one really reminds me of a painting rather than a photograph.

(Randomness contd.) I went to Liceum in Opole.


Sarah said...

I think the whole day sounds magical just like that amazing horse

Kendra said...

Sounds like a great day. The photos are lovely.