09 March 2009

The Joy Of... Completing Something

(Even if it is not a gigantic day dress) is ecstatic, exultant and as-good-as-the-best-Swiss-chocolate!

AND I will also have to 'eat' my own judgmental comment On Disgrace Of Having Too Many Unfinished Projects Under One's Roof!

Well, I was caught off guard zooming through the funnel neck on the dress. The next thing I knew was that it was my beloved's birthday the following day! Cool blooded, I examined my options and decided that the easiest and most reliable one would be to... no less than finish his unfinished Christmas present! I picked up the nearly done socks (O (3) chose the colourway - the yarn is Mirasol's Hacho, 100% hand-dyed merino wool). I "sprinted" to the finish. Et voilĂ !

Dress progress: nearly there.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Nothing like that FO buzz! Great colour socks - I thought for one moment you were going to say you knit them in one day!