13 February 2008

Knitting in Venice

I went on a totally indulgent knitting trip to Italy, with my knitting friend. I had so much good coffee that, technically speaking, it should keep ma awake for the rest of my life. I knitted pretty much all the time: on the plane (there & back), in varous caf├ęs, restaurants, on public transport, in the hotel...
Actually, this is exactly why I have turned into such a dreadful blogger - too much knitting. Luckily this is a rather good excuse for someone publishing a knitting blog!
I woke up this morning thinking "If I don't manage to put the needles down for long enough to post quickly I will sure get kicked out from all these lovely knitting blog-rings I took so much trouble to join!"
And here I am: knitting out of my reach, typing away... and actually enjoying myself.
Pleased to be back.

I've got loads to show for my long absence and promise that I will get organized and keep you somewhat better posted in these coming weeks.

Here is a sculptura free form muff, which kept my fingers toasty on Murano island.

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Sarah said...

Oh that trip sounds like my idea of absolute heaven - so pleased you got some great indulgence time